Don’t Worry. Find Out What Mental Health’s About?

Mental Health Does Not Define You

Consider poor mental health as a dynamic state of mind. You will not one day wake up with poor mental health, having gone to sleep in a state of good mental health


Good Mental Health and Wellbeing

Good mental health is the panacea state sought after by everyone. Achieving good mental health means you can carry on with daily tasks and lead your life


Guide for You

Sometimes Helpful Guides are long-winded and confusing for people. When you need guidance, you want the correct information and have it.


Mental Health Problems and Symptoms

There are many mental health problems. Focussed here are the categories of Neurotic and Psychotic conditions.


Mental Health Myths and Facts

There is much information on mental health in the public domain, and that is positive. People admit to knowing this and share their knowledge.


Fundraising Campaign

The Mental Health Unlocked Charitable Foundation wants to help minority LGBTQ+ shunned by their community not to give up on Hope.


About Our Charity

Mental Health Unlocked Charitable Foundation has a goal to banish the Grim Reaper and Death. Helping people through their journey of mental health and be the beacon of Hope.

There is no greater impact than giving someone a reason to live, stopping them from wanting to complete suicide. Willing them to take the next breath and providing motivation to stay amongst the living. A tall order when they hurt so deeply and the wounds appear insurmountable, that they crave the solace of the Grim Reaper and Death. You anguish for that person to know the miracle of breathing to live…

Life is hard, more so, if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, are of an ethnic minority and have a mental illness. Shunned by families and communities, for nothing more than this. A person can feel ever more damned and feels suicide is a comfort blanket worth seeking.

Mental Health Unlocked aims to make an impact. To release the pain, offer support and change traditional belief systems; finally, stop unnecessary rejection and suicides in our community. Through professional partnerships, education and resources, the voice of the forlorn, will be heard and saved.

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