About Us

Who We Are

My name is Francis Heran. I started this foundation due to a need for mental health services that discuss the cultural aspects of how being ostracised psychologically affects LGBTQ+ in minority communities.

Growing up in an Indian family, I concealed my sexual orientation until a family member discovered my secret. Abused and shunned, I had no choice but to leave. I don’t want that to happen to you…

Take your time to browse this website. Here you will find useful information that will help guide you through the maze of mental health. You will discover more on the illness and realise that, as physical health conditions, life can continue. A bleak future is not your destiny. You can still live, knowing you belong to any minority ethnicity and part of the LGBTQ+ community. Having a mental health illness is not taboo.

No matter whom you are, you can achieve greatness. Remember this as your resilience improves and life leads you through its meandering path. It will not be easy, though with our guidance and support you will find the journey ahead less scary and be ever more determined to be the outstanding person it destines you to be. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself.

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What We Do

Mental Health Unlocked Charitable Foundation has a prime directive–Helping minority LGBTQ+ shunned by their community overcome isolation and suicidal thoughts. To keep the Grim Reaper and Death at bay, helping people through their journey of mental health and be the beacon of hope.

The charity is in its infancy, garnering support and finances it may achieve fruition the pivotal programs planned to save lives. The programs are diverse, incorporating themes much required. We will create them to develop each person who needs us. In time, Mental Health Unlocked Charity will offer and:

  • Get on board and inspire community and other influencers such as religious leaders to challenge long-held beliefs, tradition, taboo and stigma;
  • Build a caring and supportive community. Inspire members to share their stories during informal coffee chats;
  • Build awareness among ethnic communities that mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of and okay to discuss;
  • Build continuous access to a caring community year-round with relationship, support and feedback reporting;
  • Coaching–Discuss the root cause of mental distress and offer tools for LGBTQ+ to live authentically;
  • Collaborate with world-renowned mental health experts to produce training materials and handouts to help LGBTQ+ recognise and discuss their mental distress;
  • Community–A support community of overcomers to share their real-world scenarios;
  • Inspire family members not to bury their heads under the sand and ignore the mental health issues;
  • Mental health care and compassion that heal deep wounds;
  • Mental health, education and community outreach programs;
  • Supportive community–Community members share real-life scenarios that help the struggling LGBTQ+ overcome the challenges associated with being rejected;
  • Train community members to recognise early warnings of a severe mental health crisis;
  • Training materials from world-renowned experts;
  • With financial support and a network of individuals and groups, we can be different. Ensuring another person doesn’t grow up with the scar.


Our Impact

There is no greater impact than stopping someone from wanting to complete suicide. Giving them a reason to stay, yearn for them to take the next breath and motivating them to stay amongst the living. A tall order when they hurt and the wounds appear insurmountable, that they crave the solace of the Grim Reaper and Death. You anguish for that person to know the miracle of breathing, to live…

Life is tough for anyone. It is harder still, if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, are of an ethnic minority and have a mental illness. Families and communities shun so many people and are abusive toward them for nothing more than this. This accepted hostile perspective is normal behaviour. The victim feels ever more damned and feels suicide is a comfort blanket worth seeking.

Mental Health Unlocked aims to make an impact. To release the pain, offer support and change traditional belief systems; stop unnecessary rejection and suicides in our community. The impact felt will not be swift. People will take a stand against suffering and death. Diversity will be the proverbial guiding light that enables humane judgements to be in place for everyone. Hope will be tangible for the forlorn to grasp with their might and wary as they do not accept the key to the Grim Reaper’s playground. Hope is for the Lonely to Love.

Make an impact. You’d be proud that you were part of the transformation in society today, don’t you think?

Our Focus

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of families ostracising LGBTQ+ and the intense emotional turmoil that causes the unwanted to resort to suicide. So too, you find the mental health issues and high suicide rates among LGBTQ+ in minority communities distressing. The Mental Health Unlocked Charitable Foundation commits to the welfare of these folks and to the reduction and ultimate eradication of such tragedies. So, the charity has a firm focus of its intentions and achievements. Please be with us on the journey to achieve delivery of our focus:

  • Be role players in stopping fellow LGBTQ+ community from completing suicide;
  • Be part of a transformation. Help reshape traditional beliefs that have been harmful to LGBTQ+ community in society today. Help to release the pain, offer support, and stop unnecessary suicides in our community;
  • Serve LGBTQ+ Professionals and Creatives contributing Time and Money;
  • Serve LGBTQ+ Individuals across different ethnicities in the U.K. including, but not only, (Indian, Bengali, Pakistani and African Caribbean);
  • Reduce, aiming to end, families ostracising LGBTQ+, and the intense emotional turmoil causing LGBTQ+ to resort to suicide;
  • Inspire family members not to bury their heads under the sand and ignore the mental health issues;
  • Create and show culturally sensitive support services that save lives and reduce the adverse effects of being ostracised;
  • Create a safe environment to offer the love and support that traumatised LGBTQ+ need to live a normal life;
  • In ethnic communities, they consider mental health issues, along with being LGBTQ+ a blight on the family. Priority is on what the relatives, friends, neighbours, and work colleagues think. The dilemma is getting ethnic communities to recognise that mental health problems are real and should discuss them with compassion. They bully and victimise individuals for being LGBTQ+. Communities are single-minded in their belief systems and judge LGBTQ+ based on their sexuality. Focus is on how to change this;
  • Several minority communities do not recognise that mental health issues are an outcome of being ostracised or being forced to live a lie;
  • There is a fear if they discuss mental health issues, or if they accept the LGBTQ+ family member, no one will associate with or marry within the family. The pressure of not ruining a sibling’s marriage prospects is devastating, as it means suppressing one’s true sexual identity;
  • Changing an entire belief system is impossible. Getting an entire community to acknowledge mental health issues will take time. The quickest solution is getting like-minded people, professionals and non-professionals, to unite as a community;
  • People with mental health issues, including LGBTQ+ community members, are isolated. The fear of rejection leads to hiding their identity. They cannot live a lie to keep their parents happy, even agreeing to arranged marriages. Relinquishing their identity leads to low self-esteem and contemplating suicide;
  • Suicide is an outcome of people who are experiencing a negative state of mind because we do not accept them for whom they are, or their opinions;
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity LGBTQ+ try to give up their true identity. Living a lie is too unbearable;
  • The community perpetuates ignorance, black magic, voodoo, superstition, hearsay or prayer. They adopt the mentality, “If I don’t admit I notice it, it’s not happening.” Together we can counter the “bury your head in the sand mentality.” The question is how?